Hong Kong Means Business

A Hong Kong biotech start-up’s solutions rebalancing the microbiomes all of us carry can unlock regenerative superpowers. 28 March 2023
Every one of us is a mobile ecosystem, full of microbes such as bacteria, fungi and protozoa, most... More
A search for organic wear for newborn’s eczema-prone skinled to the founding of successful Hong Kong brand The Wee Bean. 27 March 2023
Hong Kong brand The Wee Bean has made a name for itself with products for babies and kids made... More
HKTDC Updates
IP professionals from all over the world will fly in for the physical events following Hong Kong’s opening up. 27 March 2023
HKTDC Hong Kong International Licensing Show (HKILS) is one of the most licensing-focused... More
In terms of population and economy, Hong Kong and Ireland are the same size but took very different paths – both now aim for destination net zero by... 23 March 2023
Ireland was historically a farming country, and agriculture remains an important industry there... More
Trader sentiment turns bullish after border between Hong Kong and Mainland China reopens. 22 March 2023
The sharp rise in business activity after the Hong Kong-Mainland China borders reopened has... More
Market Opportunities
DoJ and HKTDC launch their campaign with a delegation to the leading ASEAN country to advance Hong Kong’s role as an Asia-Pacific centre for... 21 March 2023
Trade, investment and business collaboration between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (... More
Asia’s largest film and TV entertainment trade platform draws 7,300 industry talents and continues online until mid-April. 20 March 2023
FILMART and EntertainmentPulse, organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC),... More
HKTDC Updates
HKTDC’s Digital Academy coaches entrepreneurs on machine intelligence. 20 March 2023
Small and medium-sized enterprises often believe AI is out of their reach and belongs to large... More
Tech & Innovation
Digital marketing and branding experts analyse market trends and post-pandemic opportunities in parallel conferences. 17 March 2023
As face-to-face events ramp up in Hong Kong following the end of travel restrictions, the... More